4:20 Conversaton: Do You Say ‘Sorry’ When You Should Say ‘Thank You?’

Photo courtesy of Noah

Photo courtesy of Noah

Interesting thing happened this morning while walking Louis. A beautiful Brittany Spaniel pulled loose from its lead, so naturally the dog wanted to introduce himself to Louis. I mean, who wouldn’t, look at that pug mug!

Anyway, after grabbing the lead, the 3 of us started walking back to where the spaniel had approached, and waited for him to indicate which door he belonged.

After knocking on the door, a guy came to the door, and was immediately apologetic about his dog getting way. Reassured him, it was no trouble or inconvenience, just happy his dog wasn’t wandering loose in the neighborhood where something bad could potentially happen. He must have said “sorry” a half dozen times, and it occurred to me, I would be repeating “thank you” if in the same situation.

Guess what I’m trying to say is stuff happens, and many times it’s not by design. However, if someone or many stop what they’re doing to assist you, there’s no need to apologize for their helping. Thank them for helping.

You did no wrong, and an apology isn’t how you thank someone for being helpful.

Then again, maybe the guy knew there was no need to thank me because he knows how I say every day, “Do something nice for someone.”