Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 11/27

1. With it being black friday today lets make sure we all stay safe…How many Injuries have been from Black Fridays. (stats date back to 2006)
2. How many deaths have there been?  7
3. The U.S. has won the most gold medals at the Summer or Winter Olympics? SUMMER 
The U.S. has won more gold medals in the Summer Olympics than any other country, with 976.  Norway has won the most in the Winter Olympics, with 118.
4. A random shopping website has put together names that spend the most and names that are the cheapest?
This Male Name spends the most on presents … Paul Frank or Ted
5. The CHEAPEST men are named what? Jeff?  Adam  or Steven?


 Ashley’s Text Trivia: Which Country artist was snapchatting that he was at the MACYS DAY PARADE?