4:20 Conversation: What Topic Do You Avoid With Family?

We’re about to gather with those we love the most, and often only see a couple times per year. As I’ve gotten older, it’s become clear to my why older people often talk about the weather. It’s a topic that doesn’t really have a lot of slant: “Gotten much rain your way?” “Had a good hard freeze yet?” “How was that first snow?”

The weather makes it possible to continue to talk to someone without saying something you’re later regretful to have brought up. Have also had great success in complimenting the other person every chance you can about what they’re speaking, and asking them to tell you more. The more they talk, the more time you aren’t, and therefore have a mouth that is free to eat.

If you get weathered out, just avoid these topics, and you should be good.

What topic do you avoid when gathering with family? What is the question you hope you don’t get asked?