4:20 Conversation: Who Falls Asleep First At Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving napping can really be a tale of two causes. If you’re asleep prior to the meal, you’re sleeping off a hangover. If you’re asleep after eating, you’re probably still sleeping off a hangover, or you’re legitimately experiencing food coma.

Have shared before that my family aren’t big drinkers, so the hangover scenario isn’t likely, but having a couple bottles of wine with too much food is plausible. In that case, it’s part food coma, and part passing out.

My dad, who doesn’t drink, but is 70, usually grabs a nap first. However, my uncle who always runs a Turkey 10K early in the day, is also very likely to be the first napping.

No matter the reason for the nap, we can clearly see it’s not ONLY the turkey’s fault.

Who falls asleep first at your Thanksgiving?