Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 11/20


1. Chuck E. Cheese was almost called what?
 Rick Rat’s Pizza.  Mousey Mozzarella? Mice’s Deep Dish?
2. Garth Brooks’ wife predicts if country music will stay with the pop sound?
Keep the pop sound or  Move away from the pop sound
(she predicts it will move away from the pop sound)
3. Who would Hilary Clinton like for her to play her in a movie?
Lindsey Lohan?  Meryl Streep? Diane Keaton?
5. Snickers candy bars are named after a dead animal?

Is it a Dead Horse? Cat? or Dog?  horse.  Franklin Mars’s horse named Snickers died in 1930, just before he released the candy bar.
Ashley’s Text Trivia: According to a new survey, one out of four guys say they get PMS once a month.  The five symptoms they claim to experience are irritability . . . fatigue . . . food cravings . . . constant hunger . . and getting upset more easily.