Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 11/18

1. These Country Artists will be covering John Lennons 75th Birthday Concert
Which country artist will NOT be performing Eric Church? Blake Shelton? Chris Stapleton
BLAKE will not be there but Eric and Chris will be

2. Miranda Lambert recently said that ..

She loves “every fried food on the planet”, but if she had to choose one . . . this is her favorite

funnel cakes, Corn Dogs, Cheese Curds

Funnel Cake!

3. TRACE ADKINS won “Celebrity Apprentice” a couple of years ago but does he Like the idea of Trump as president?
YES OR NO? YES  — he does like the idea of a Trump presidency.

4. Yesterday we found out that David Beckham has been named People Magazines Sexiest Man alive…His Wife Victoria Beckham was a Spice Girl..

Which Spice girl was she? Posh Spice/ Scary Spice / Sporty Spice?

5. New study shows that this year is the ultimate high for people spending gifts on others for XMAS since 2007… how much are they saying people will be spending on Christmas gifts… $830


Ashley’s Text Trivia: 24% of people will do this on Thanksgiving… Go to another house for a second dinner.