Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 11/18

1.) A bunch of chefs named the most overpriced things on menus.  

is it Oysters? lobster? Calamari? CALAMARI Fried calamari.  It’s almost always overpriced, and it’s mostly breading.

 2.) The “Washington Post” just ranked all 50 states Sent smartest to dumbest

Where is Wisconsin? What number on the list? 

Wisconsin is #5 SMARTEST!!!

3.) A list came out of the The Best Jobs For People Who Hate People..

What is the best job if you hate people? 

Artists? Hunters? Cook?


4.)  There are eight Hawaiian islands, but you can’t visit two of them.  One is a nature reserve that used to be a military test site, and one is privately owned by a family that rarely allows visitors.  (Their names are Kahloolawe and Niihau.)

5.)   New York taxis were originally red / green or black in 1907? But they were all painted yellow within a few years so they’d be easier to see.
Ashley’s Text Trivia: This starts happening to the average person who is 39?