Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 11/17

   1.)  Atlanta went through four names in its first 11 years. Which of these was NOT a name…Thrasherville . . . then Marthasville . . .Heartville and finally Atlanta in 1847.

HEARTVILLE not a name

 2.)  Brad Paisley Says he has a Fully-Stocked what?

Pond, Fridge, or Candy Room?  Pond

3.) Disney Castles have been Rated..   Which DISNEY CASTLE Is the Best?

 Rapunzel’s castle from “Tangled” *******

  Prince Eric’s castle from “The Little Mermaid”

 Arendelle Castle from “Frozen”

  4.) This country has the oldest flag in the world . . . they’ve been using the same one since 1219. and they start with a D?


5.) true or false? There’s a new line of slippers with extra-thick soles, specifically designed to protect your foot when you step on a lego? TRUE

7% of parents have done this for Christmas shopping…  tapped into their retirement savings to buy presents