Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 12/11

1.) Happy Veterans day… and this question is geared towards that? The Army is where this guy learned how to perform?
Tim McGraw?  George Straight? Kenny Rodgers
2.) A new study released yesterday shows that the U.S. high school dropout rate is on the Rise or decline? DECLINE!!!
3.) And the best city for veterans is in this state?
California? Wisconsin? or Arizona? . . . Irvine, California. followed by Scottsdale, Arizona . . .
4.) True or False Miranda Lambert celebrated her birthday with a Unicorn? TRUE
5.) This country artist wore blackface on Halloween?
Brett Eldridge?  Hunter Hayes? orrrrr THE Jason Aldean? Jason Aldean
Turn out JASON ALDEAN really did wear blackface on Halloween.  His publicist confirmed it yesterday, saying that he was “dressed as rapper LIL WAYNE.” 
Ashley’s Text Trivia— A new survey found 30% of women and 23% of men have avoided this… telling their doctor about a health issue.