Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 11/9

Did Donald Trump give SNL Huge Ratings this past weekend? Yes or NO? YESSSS

Violence in Chicago is no joking matter.Murders, shootings and more continue to pile up day after day in the city. But when there is a Chicago Bears Game does the crime rise or go down?


What is the World’s HEALTIEST COUNTRY?

1.    Singapore (89.45%)
    2.    Italy (89.07%)
    3.    Australia (88.33%)

 A new study found the average person will spend around this amount for the holidays this year….  $1,500

Country singing CAM says there is ONE color that she loves more than any other… is it Pink Yellow or Green?  explains why the color yellow keeps showing up in her music, pictures, and clothes she wears.  The main reason:  It reminds her of the sun and growing up in California.


Ashley’s Text Trivia: What injuries drunk people the most in their house? Stairs