Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 11/2

1. M&M reveals three more limited-edition candies -They are out now at Target and Walmart– and I expect will be around through the Chritmas Season WHICH flavor is NOT by M&M’s

White Peppermint, Gingerbread cookie,  Hot Chocolate–
GINGERBREAD is NOT one… but Café Mocha IS!!!
2. Rumor has it that this Late night talk show host drinks too much?
Jimmy Fallon? Jimmy Kimmel? Seth Meyers?
Jimmy Fallon!!!
3. How many hours a day does the average person use their smartphone? 5 Hours
 4. But how many hours a day does the average person get quality family time? Only 1 hour a day…
5. Thomas Rhett and his wife dressed us as this…
Toy Story’s Woody and Jesse….Barbie and Ken…or  Ketchup & Mustard?
Wood and Jesse
Ashley’s Text Trivia:
 25% have taken THIS to the office even though we have NO plans to use it—-   a gym bag