Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 10/27

1. This Costume is OUT SELLING Frozen Princesses…
Is it Donald Trump Costume?  Caitlyn Jenner Costume? or Super Heros
2. A cracker that survived the sinking of the Titanic sold in a auction for how much???
3. True or False? Red Twizzlers don’t contain any actual licorice.True?

 4. Who Said? “Growing Up I Was a Huge Limp Bizkit fan.”

  Miranda Lambert  Dolly Parton Carrie Underwood  –Carrie

5.  Only three men have been on the cover of “Vogue” since it started in 1892:  Richard Gere in 1992 . . . George Clooney in 2000 . . . and in 2008 Who else?
 LeBron James?  Brett Favre? Kobe Bryant?  Lebron!
Ashley’s Text Trivia: A New study shows what it takes to get  a perfect night sleep .. Go to bed at 10:37 use two pillows…use the thickest comforter.. Wear Cotton Pjs… what else?  Socks!