Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 10/21

 1.) .  Spaghetti is plural . . . each individual piece is called what?
There isn’t a name?   spaghetto.?  spaghet?

2.) Jake Owen Loves this kind of food and could eat it all the time

Fair food?  Sushi?  Cheese Curds?

   “I could live at festivals.  I could be a carny.”

3.) A new study says that your birth order does or does NOT effect your personality?
4.)Happy Birthday to a lady that people seem to not be a fan of.. Kim Kardashian, How old does she turn today?  (35)
5.) So in the movie Back to the Future they travel in time to TODAY Oct 21 2015… TRUE OR FALSE Marty McFly’s Hover board one was made by Mattel?  true Or false TRUE!  Yes:  You can clearly see the Mattel logo.  They tried selling replicas of it in 2012 for $120, but no one bought them since they didn’t actually hover.

Ashley’s Text Tricia —34% of Women Have done this to a guy…  Secretly Thrown Out a Guy’s Clothes