Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 10/19

1.) Britney spears had a wardrobe malfunction this weekend while performing in Vegas…Did you see anything inappropriate? Yes or No?  NO Just her whole back was exposed
2.) The eye chart with the “E” on top is called the what chart?
The Blindsman chart?  The Sarkarati chart?  The Snellen chart? The SNELLEN  It’s named after an ophthalmologist from the Netherlands named Herman Snellen, who created it in 1862.
 3.) On average how much more does someone who is Bi-lingual make at their job annually?  $5,000
4.) A 400ft Baguette just won the Guinness World Records…where was it made?
ITALY, America? or France? ITALY
5.) A new survey found out..which gender is more Hygienic in the Bathroom is it men? or women?
MEN —96% of both men and women now wash their hands after they use the toilet.  But MEN are more likely to clean the toilet seat before they sit down, close the lid before they flush, and avoid touching things in public bathrooms.


We hate when people do this but 75% of us end up doing it!!? Being a Back Seat Driver