Best Road Trips Of The Fall

It was UWM homecoming this past weekend, and wouldn’t you know it, I went home. Well, sort of went home. Went to St. Louis where two of my brothers live, and got to be with family to celebrate my niece Delaney’s 1st, and my father’s 70th birthdays.

It was a great time, there was even a moment when I didn’t make her cry. She cries mostly because I’m ugly, and she’s not seen me too many times in her first year. That’s one of the many things that makes living away from family hard. You never get to see them, but it’s also a great reason to make as many homecoming trips as you can.

Driving through Illinois did allow for some nice views, and it made me wonder where are the best fall drives. Welp, here you go, a nice list of fall foliage road trips.