Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 10/15

1.) Faith Hill to Launch a Daytime Talk Show with Who?   

Kellie Pickler? Tim McGraw? or Carrie Underwood?

Faith Hill Is Producing a Daytime Talk Show, And Kellie Pickler is One of the Hosts.  The name of the show will be revealed in a couple of weeks.  It’s also not clear when it’s going to debut, although some reports say it’ll be the fall of next year.

 2.) What % of Americans say that they consider their boss a friend? 49%!!!! 49% of Americans say they consider their boss a friend . . . and 51% don’t.

3.) LUKE BRYAN freely admits there are not enough what in Country Music?

Not enough Line dancing? Not Enough women in country music? Not enough Cowboy hats?


4.) True or False:   The guy who invented the revolving door came up with it because he hated having to open doors for women.


5.) A new survey asked people what they’re most afraid of.  The Most Common fear was?

Snakes (1st)  Public Speaking (3rd)  Terrorists?



Ashley’s Text Trivia:  According to a new survey, 59% of people actually think black cats are GOOD LUCK.