Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia

1.) TOBY KEITH explains why he avoids going to the CMA’s Now…

Is it because He doesn’t win anything? He gets in fights with other artists? or he’s not a fan of Brad Paisley Hosting? Answer: Doesn’t win anything!!!  “I think in three years I had 24 nominations. I was 0 for 24 and I went, ‘I can’t beat the politics of this deal,’” the singer furthers. “I was a No.1 ticket seller, a No. 1 album seller and I spent 51 weeks at No. 1 on Billboard in a four year span and I went 0 for 24? I was like, ‘This isn’t worth my time.’

2.) Lamar Odom was found unconscious at a brothel yesterday. Which Kardashian was he married to? Khloe

3.) What Gets Your Hands Cleaner: A Paper Towel or a Hand Dryer?

  New study says Paper TOWEL!!!

4.) there is a map of the United States and which candy is the fan favorite in each state…for Wisconsin what is it?

Reece’s Pieces?  Laffy Taffy?  Sour Patch Kids?


5.) Former Badger JJ Watt now plays for the Houston Texans and says how much his 6’5  and 290pd frame eats a day.  How many calories does he digest a day? 9,000

ASHLEYS TEXT TRIVIA: There’s only one state in the country that doesn’t have any laws requiring adults to wear seat belts . . . New Hampshire.