Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 10/13

1.) You can identify a friends voice after hearing this many words…2

2.) Cole Swindell says he has autographed this food for a fan…

Pickle? Hamburger? Or Chicken Finger?


3.) True or False Next Year Playboy will go nudity free? TRUE

4.) A T-REX Runs as fast as what ?

A Deer? (36mph)   A cow? (20mph) A Human—  The Tyrannosaurus rex could run slightly faster than a human being.  Not that they ever competed or anything.  (???)  The average person can sprint at about 17.7 miles per hour . . . the T-Rex sprinted at 17.9 miles per hour.

5.) Today is country Star Rhett Atkins birthday…he happens to be Thomas Rhetts dad how old do you think he is?  Rhett Atkins, country singer (46)

Ashley’s Text Trivia: :  A new survey found the top things people steal from hotel rooms.  The number 1 thing is  Shampoos, soaps, and other toiletries . . . but the on this list the 5th thing people steal is what? PLANTS