Are You Or Your Friend(s) Only “Mostly” Vegetarian?

New survey of almost 2,000 vegetarians determined that after drinking over 1/3 have, will, and do eat meat. There’s so many dietary restrictions due to personal choices or health reasons. Have a Facebook friend that’s always preaching veganism. Know a few others that are vegetarian except for fish. They say it’s because they love sushi so much, and ain’t nobody got time for the vegetarian version of sushi.

You’ll never hear a complaint from me about someone’s lifestyle choices when it comes to food or otherwise. I welcome vegetarians, and vegans warmly, and selfishly. We need more vegetarians, and vegans because we live in a supply and demand country. The more others are passing on the beef and pork, the cheaper and more readily available pizza and cheeseburgers will be for you and me.

So, remember, you’re not encouraging your friends to “live it up” with a street vendor brat or dog after a night out, you’re driving up the price of meat for yourself and fellow omnivores. Please, keep beef and pork affordable, and don’t let the vegetarians drive up the demand on our supply of meat. Thank you from pizza and cheeseburger lovers everywhere.