Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 9/25

1.) Blake Shelton is on the Divorce Diet…he has been looking slimmer lately and admits he has been a lot less of this..

Fried Pickles,  Cheese Curds,  Artichoke Dip  Answer: Fried Pickles

2.) How many New Jerseys could you fit into Alaska?  You could fit 75 New Jerseys into Alaska. 

3.) True or False – Pizza Is the most instagrammed food? TRUE

4.) SAM hunt has some NEW DO going on did he ..

Shave his Head, Grow a Beard, or Grow a rat tail

Grow a Beard!!

5.) Its Barbara Walters Birthday today how old is she turning? 86


Ashley’s Text Trivia: Dating apps reveal What women are looking for — 40% of women are more Likely to respond if you do what… Food Related  things…Like “whats your favorite type of cake”