Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 9/22

1.) People With iPhones Prefer WHO>???  Superman or Batman?

Iphone prefer Superman  . . . Android Users Prefer Batman

2.) I AM CAIT… is the show that was on the E Network showing Bruce Jenners transition into Caitlyn Jenner.  The show is now over but will it be back Yes or No?
YES apparently it is getting a second season

3.) Which country star recently said …their dad fired them from the family business to force him to move to Nashville…

“It’s well-documented that my dad pretty much fired me to make me move to Nashville.”


A.  Eric Church


B.  Tim McGraw


C.  Luke Bryan  ******

4.) The MUPPETS PREMIERE TONIGHT…  Most of the Muppets are what? Right handed or  left-handed.

LEFT HANDED :  Only because most of the puppeteers are right-handed.  Their right hand controls the head, and their left hand holds a stick attached to one of the puppet’s arms . .

5.) Speaking of SHOWS that have stars as pigs.. the movie BABE is about a pig…How many pigs played babe in the movie?   The movie “Babe” used 48 different pigs to play Babe