Reasons Media People Love What We Do [Video]

Frequently get asked, “Why did you get into radio?” It’s a fair question considering how poorly I form sentences. In all honesty though, most everyone chooses their career for the same reason, we enjoy it. If you can’t have some fun at work, showing up for your job gets very difficult. That’s why I always enjoy seeing others enjoying their job as much as I enjoy mine.


There’s a lot of moving parts to live broadcasting, and that’s why we have to be prepared for anything, especially our co-workers trying to make us laugh. It’s pretty great when you can make jokes and have fun at work. Imagine a team of surgeons trying to get a good laugh out of each other while on the job. You probably wouldn’t get the desired results. Hope you enjoy this video as much as me. You kind of get the feeling Jackson is doing this to Ashley every time she talks too. Well done, Ashley Matthews! Have yourself a coffee, you’ve earned it.