Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 9/14

1.) There is gonna be a HOLOGRAM tour of this singer who has passed… is it ..

Whitney  Houston, Johnny Cash, or George Jones
Whitney Houston 2016 Tour
2.) Does Carrie Underwood Pump her breast milk in public? Yes or No?
 3.) 1 out of 4 Fantasy Football players are now women True or False? TRUE
4.) Miss America was yesterday which state won?
Miss Georgia, Miss Wisconsin? Miss Alaska?  Miss Georgia won and called Tom Brady a cheater

5.) This Country star says the reason why there aren’t more successful female country singers is because too many of them sound alike. 

oooh who said these fighting words?

Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, or Tim McGraw    JASON ALDEAN


Ashley’s Text Trivia: 29% of people have changed jobs for this reason:  They felt like they were in a rut