Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 9/10

1.) Kenny Chesney’s Big Revival Tour just wrapped up– was it his highest grossing tour?

Yes or No    Yes $114 MILLION

2.) Did not know this but apparently real life Elephants are afraid of what?

Bees? Mice? or Snakes?  BEES

3.) These days are there MORE or LESS candy ads on TV? MORE

4.) The Happiest Parents are those with Four or More kids? Or Less than Four kids?

STUDY: Happiest Parents Have 4 or More Kids

5.) Rumor is that Miley Cyrus wants this kind of Implant?

Butt Implant?  Tata Implant? or Devil Horns implant? Devil Thorn Implant


Ashley’s Text Trivia: According to a new survey the most common words of wisdom we get from our grandparents is this…  A leopard never changes its spots.