Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 8/27

1.) A new website has put together each states most embarrassing thing that we google OFTEN in our state…For WISCONSIN was it…  ( don’t really think this is embarrassing more just random)

 Magic Trick Lessons (NY) Image of Outhouses (WI) or Sandals with Socks (WA)

Answer: Outhouses

2.) Yesterday this company came out to say they would like to work with this other company was it Burger King wanting to work with Mc’ D’s or McDonalds wanting to work with Burger King?

Answer: BK to work with MD’s      Burger King took out full-page newspaper ads yesterday, asking McDonald’s to team and make a “McWhopper” for international “Peace Day” on September 21st.  But McDonald’s said no.


3.) Oxford is adding some intelligent words to Its dictionary

Which one has NOT been added?  “Butthurt,” “Brain Fart,” or PerfPants  Answer: Perfpants

HIGHLIGHTS:  Oxford just announced some words they’re adding to the dictionary.  Some of the most ridiculous ones are brain fart . . . butt dial . . . butthurt . . . hangry . . . and mic drop.


 4.) Which is cheaper to fly home for…Thanksgiving or Christmas?
And this is different for each state so we are doing Milwaukee… because Chicago is different.  Thanksgiving is cheaper in Milwaukee— Xmas is Cheaper out of Chicago

5.) Yesterday was National Dog Day but what dog name is the most popular?  Here are 3 that are in the top 3 but which on is number 1???   Lucy . . . Max . . .Bella

1.  Bella.

2.  Lucy.

3.  Max


Ashley’s Text Trivia: The Average person will waste $960 on this every year?  wasted gas while in Traffic