Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 8/20

1.) Jake owen  is launching his own what?

Apparel Collection?   Hair Products?  Teeth Whitener?  Apparel Collection called Salt Life

2.) Which is contagious Happiness or Depression?

Happiness Is Contagious – Depression is not a new study finds out

3.)  A new study figured out the 10 states that spend the most at WALMART?  Did Wisconsin make the list?

Yes or no?  NO1.  Oklahoma, 2.  South Dakota, 3.  Arkansas

4.) Keith Urban says the Reality Show he was on was great because it gave him new fans that he would have not had other wise…what show was he on? American Idol

5.) The guy who founded Puma had a younger brother who founded what?

 Adidas? NIKE ? Crocs?



Ashley’s Text Trivia: 4% of people do this on their lunch break?  Go home to let the dog out