Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 8/19

1.) How many years of our lives do we spend worrying..  5yrs 

A new study found we’re literally wasting YEARS of our lives worrying.  We do it for an average of one hour and 50 minutes a day.  That’s almost 28 entire days per year . . . or five total years of your entire adult LIFE.

2.) Speaking of worrying what is the top thing people worry about?  Work, Family,  Appearance?  


3.) Reese Witherspoon gave some love to a certain country artist when she posted that she can’t stop listening to his whole album… was it 

Tim McGraw?   Sam Hunt?  or Hunter Hayes?   Sam Hunt

4.) Hilary Scott from Lady Antebellum recently talked about if she’s ever come across a male groupie?  Yes or No?


5.) A new study figured out which emoji every state uses more than anyone else. So just to be clear..   Its not that its the number 1 emoji we use  its just that we use this emoji more than any other states 

Corn Emoji?  Church Emoji?  or Fishing Emoji?    CHURCH EMOJI



Ashley’s Text Trivia: It’s National Friendship Week, and a new survey asked people what they’d be willing to do for a good friend. 46% of people said… Matching tattoo’s