Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 8/13

1.) This Country Artist was just named country music’s Best -Selling Digital Artist….
Is it Luke Bryan?  Carrie Underwood? or Jake Owen  — Carrie Underwood 28 million sales… Jason Aldean is behind her  with 21 million sales
2.) According to a new study are men starting to care more or less about their hair?  MORE!

3.) Candace Cameron who played DJ Tanner on Full House says if she had a crush on John Stamos who played Uncle Jessie.  Did she yes or no?  NO… says he was too much like a real uncle to she still calls him Uncle J.

4.) Former US president Jimmy Carter was diagnosed with cancer.  The 90 year old will undergo treatment.
What number president was he?  34th? 39th? or 42nd?
39th!!!!  37th was Richard Nixon—   42nd was Bill Clinton
5.) True or False this Cereal Brand Wheaties is making a beer!? TRUE Wheaties is partnering with a craft brewery in Minneapolis for Hefe Wheaties, a wheat beer that will probably make you perform like an Olympian.
Ashley’s Text Trivia: Men say the best compliment they can get is “You’re FUNNY” what is it for women?  You have a beautiful smile