Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 8/11

1.) Green Bays First game is Thursday away from home. Who are they playing?

The Patriots? The Bears? or The Steelers? PATRIOTS

2.) Its Hulk Hogan’s Bday today how old do you think he is brother? 62

3.) New Details on Jennifer Aniston’s wedding.  This person officiated the wedding ceremony? Howard Stern?  Her Dad? or Jimmy Kimmel?   JIMMY

4.) Brownie Batter Oreos just came out, are they getting good or bad? GOOD reviews They taste just like brownie batter . . . and one source says they might even be better than the original

5.) There is a List of ten traditional skills that are dying out…which is number one?

Building a fire?  Reading a Map? Having good penmanship?  Reading a MAP


Ashley’s Text Trivia: The number 1 thing that will stress you out of vacation is… overspending