Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 8/4

1.) Get your Cowboy hat ready… Blake Shelton has a new advisor on his team for The Voice.  Is it…Brad Paisley?  Tim McGraw?  or Thomas Rhett?  Brad

2.) The equal sign for math was invented in Wales in 1557 but was it invented by a mathematician ? Yes or NO? YES!!!

3.) Your heaviest organ is your skin . . . it weighs about how many pounds?   20 pounds.  
4.) True or False the Elbow is the most painful spot to get a tattoo?  False its your head
5.)What Candy just announced they will be releasing a film?
Nerds?  Pez?  or M&M’s?   PEZ
Ashley’s Text Trivia: 8% of parents have given their kids this to calm them down at a restaurant? Alcohol