Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 7/30

1.) Miranda lambert performed recently and told the crowd she’s been living off Caffeine and what?

Caffeine and Alcohol?  Caffeine and Sad songs? Answer: Caffeine
2.) True or False : Women Who Date Younger Men Do Better in Their Careers?  True according to a new website
3.) Tom Brady’s super model wife was seen going into a plastic surgeons office.  How did she try to hide?
Burka? With Umbrella?  Baseball Hat?  Answer:  Burka
4.) Zac Brown Celebrates his birthday this week how old is he turning? 37

5.) The most common city name in America is what?

Madison, Greenville or Springfield? Springfield . . . there are 41 of them, including five in Wisconsin.


Ashley’s Text Trivia: 6% of People have done this after a break up?  Moved away from them