Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 7/24


1.) Is Jason Aldean up for doing a movie role YES or NO?  YES he says he would be

 2.)Nine people have gotten LEPROSY in Florida this year.  And the main reason they’re getting it is from contact with …crocodiles? Dolphins? or  armadillos.

3.) The Average person knows how to cook this many meals?! 5 meals 

4.) Jon Stewart will be leaving The Daily Show in August and he will be auctioning off his what >>>

suits?  Desk?  Coffee Mug?

Jon will be auctioning off his iconic Armani suits (of which he wore every night on the show) on Ebay from now until July 31.

 5.) We found out this week Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are getting a divorce…but who was the first to make it back up on the Stage this week?  Miranda or Blake?  Miranda…she sang a duet with Ashley Monroe  – To see the performance text MIRANDA to 63223



Ashley’s Text Trivia : 8% of relationships get into arguments directly related to this… Past Relationships