Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 7/22

1.) Mickey Mouse has an older sister named

 Felicity? Mary? Sara? 
Answer Felicity
2.) True of False- Walgreens is already stocking up on Halloween Candy.. TRUE 

3.) Rumor has it that Miranda Lambert Cheated on Blake Shelton with this Country Singer…

Chris Young

4.) The Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup this year but we are just finding out that their player Patrick Kane once let a guy score a goal because he was too busy checking out WHO?

Carrie Underwood? Taylor Swift? or a players wife? 

5.) A new survey found that the average kid starts asking “Are we there yet?”  this amount of time into a trip How long do you think?   Two hours and 23 minutes into a road trip.  
Ashley’s Text Trivia -52% of women will NOT go on a second date if the guy has this….. BAD COLOGNE