Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 7/21

1.) True or false 1 – in 10 women have called into work sick because they are having bad hair day?! True

2.)Apparently Kim Kardashian has hired a what for her 2 yr old daughter?

Nutritionist?  Personal Trainer?  Makeup Artist?  Personal Trainer!
3.) Kip Moore posted a photo of him and Dierks Bentley in a friendly embrace on stage.  And by friendly, we mean one is grabbing the others butt..  
Is Dierks grabbing Kips butt?  Or is Kip grabbing Dierks’ Butt?
Dierks Grabbed Kips Butts 
4.) It is Robin Williams BDAY today.. .how old would he have been? 64 
5.) Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are getting  divorce …true or false he’s worried for his life thinks she might actually act her KEROSENE video out?!  False
Ashley’s Text Trivia: There have been 28 Hollywood Films based on this… Video Games