Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 7/17

1.) Happy birthday to this man who loves to shake it… Luke Bryan…how old do you think he is?  39 yrs old

 2.) A bear broke into a bakery in Colorado this week  and ate 38 pies . . . except he wouldn’t touch one flavor.  

was it…Cherry Pie, Peach Cobbler or  strawberry rhubarb?

Strawberry Rhubarb YUCK

3.) Do Young people drink more alcohol now or less?  less ..they don’t drink as much alcohol now, because they want to look healthy on social media.

4.) True or False? The guy who invented Vaseline ate a spoonful of it every day . . . and he lived to be 92.
5.) Little Big Town Reveals which is the craziest body part they have signed..
Bicep… Butt… Hand?  Bicep is the craziest they have been asked to sign butt but declined 
Ashley’s Text Trivia:  An Insurance company study found that female drivers are almost 80% more likely than men to do this?  Misplace their keys