Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 7/14

1.) If you ask the lady inside your phone.. Siri to “play loud farts,” it will not play flatulence instead she will play music from which artist?

Taylor Swift?  Rihanna? Toby Keith?

2.) How many presidents were  NOT born as American Citizens… 7.

It’s the first seven presidents, since they were all born BEFORE there was a United States of America.

3.) Did Kanye West just file for Bankruptcy? Yes or No?   NO but 50 Cent did!!!

4.)   Sorry ladies, but this country artist  is not relationship material.  At least not right now.  He says commitment scares him…

Is it Brett Eldridge?  Thomas Rhett?  Blake Shelton? Brett Eldridge… the other 2 are married.

5.) True or False Donald Trump Called the FBI After Mexico’s Biggest Drug Lord Threatened Him…True or False? TRUE


Ashley’s Text Trivia: 78,000 of these will be stolen from cars this year?  Air bags