Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 7/13

Tyler hubbard from Florida Georgia has longer hair and just recently go married did he wear it down? half up half down? or in a man bun?  MAN BUN

John Stamos enters rehab for substance abuse… what was his characters name on FULL HOUSE? UNCLE JESSIE

A study shows which EYE color is more Trustworthy… which eye color is the most trust worthy?


The Minions Movie … had the second biggest opening ever for an animated movie.  Who came in first?  Toy Story? Shrek ? The Little Mermaid?

Shrek 3? Answer: Shrek the Third’s record of $121.6 million, Minions brought in $115 million and  Toy Story 3 ($110.3 million)

BRANTLEY GILBERT says size doesn’t matter was this referring to something inappropriate or not?  No Size doesn’t matter  . . . when it comes to arenas vs. stadiums.  He does the same show if it’s 10 people or 100,000. 



Ashley’s Text Trivia: This year, homes in the US will suffer 32 million dollars in damages directly related to… fireworks