Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 7/10

1.) The Hollywood walk of fame is it removing Bill Cosby and Donald Trups Stars?? 

Yes or No?  NO!
2.) Kelly Ripa has now dyed her hair again she was pink and now its what color…
Stop Sign Red, White, or Blue?  Answer Blue 
3.) Some more Controversy revolving a different star JARED from Subway.  Jared has a Cameo in Sharknado 3 which airs July 22nd are they cutting his part? Yes or No?  YES 
4.) The most popular BEER has been named for Wisconsin is it: 
Bud Light, Miller Lite or Pabst Blue Ribbon?  Bud Light 
5.)Now going dark for a second what month do people lose their lives at hospitals the most.. SUMMER MONTHS

 July is the deadliest month at hospitals because it’s when new medical school graduates become residents, and last year’s residents take on new duties . . . so no one knows what they’re doing.


Ashley’s Text Trivia: Why are you unhappy with your home? 12% of people said.. bad neighbors