Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 7/8

1.) There is a new FOOD Trend that is happening what is it? 

Ice cubes in Cereal?    Crushed Ice and Apples?  Or Ice Cubes and Fries?
Ice Cubes in Cereal!
2.) Raven Symone who is on the view right now and USED to be on THE COSBY SHOW when she was a little girl.  Is she still defending Bill Cosby Yes or NO?
3.) Is Brody Jenner saying he had a better relationship with his dad when he was BRUCE JENNER or Better relationship with NOW CAITLYN JENNER?  Caitlyn 

4.) When Ulysses S. Grant was president in the 1870s, he once got a speeding ticket from a cop in Washington D.C. for riding his horse and buggy too fast.

 Ulysses S. Grant?  Abraham Lincoln ? James Madison?

Ulysses S. Grant 

True or False Blake Shelton still mows his own yard? TRUE 

5.) BLAKE SHELTON wants you to know that he still cuts his own grass.  He recently Tweeted, “I’m mowing with a push mower.  I’m mowing a BIG yard with a push mower.  I make a lot of money and I’m mowing a BIG yard with a push mower.”



Ashley’s Text Trivia:  Women Spend 5 months of their life doing this…. Deciding What to Wear