Better Beat Jackson & Ashley Text Trivia 7/1

1.) A new ranking for the best and worst US cities for fireworks just came out did Madison come  in the top 10?

yes or no?  YES  The number one city to celebrate 4th of July is Minneapolis MN but the #8 is  Madison


2.) America now has more people who speak French than France?  True or False ?  Answer: False

America now has more people who speak Spanish than Spain though!


3.) Brett Favre just recently did an interview with Sports Illustrated but does the 45yr old think he could still play ? Yes or NO?   YES


4.) Brantley Gilbert supposedly got married this weekend but which country singer was he previously engaged to? Jana Kramer


5.) What time do researchers say that the particles from Fireworks are gone from the air?

noon the next day


Ashley’s Text Trivia:  Travelers say this is the most annoying thing when staying in a hotel?  Noisy Neighbors