Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 6/30

1.) The Chinese invented fireworks, but who were the first to give them colors?Americans?  Italians? Australians? Answer: Italians

2.) NBC said DONALD TRUMPS famous saying to him, what did they say to Trump?  “YOU’RE FIRED”
Fired him from The Apprentice, Miss USA & Miss Universe
True or False:

3.) Thomas Rhett’s Dad Told Him People Would Hate and Then Love His Song “Crash And Burn” TRUE

4.) A new survey shows which States are the MOST patriotic… and which a the LEAST patriotic…
Is Wisconsin in the top 5 of Most Patriotic
Is Wisconsin in the bottom 5 of Least Patriotic?
or are we in NEITHER?
NEITHER — the most patriotic state is Virginia, followed by Washington, Colorado, Idaho, and Alaska.  The least patriotic states are New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Utah, and West Virginia.  Wisconsin is ranked 20
5.) Bo Ryan is Retiring after this next season WHERE did he Coach Before Madison? Milwaukee​
Ashley’s Text Trivia: 75% of men judge other men on this… Their Ringtone