Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 6/25

Better Beat Jackson
1.) Which word was NOT just added to the Oxford Dictionary?

Fo Shizzle? Booyahhhh?  Hot mess?  Answer:  Booyahhh (twerk was also added to the Dictionary)
2.) How many feet do you think The Statue of Liberty’s nose is?  four-and-a-half feet long.
3.) Since Carrie Underwood had a baby she had to make the decision if she is coming back to do Sunday Night Football Opening Is she going to do it again? YES or NO?   Answer: Yes
4.) Who Is leaving America’s Got Talent after this season?
Howard Stern? Nick Canon? Heidi Klum?  Answer: Howard Stern
5.) Rumor has it that Aaron Rodgers and his Girlfriend are on the rocks?  Name his Girlfriend?  Olivia Munn
Ashley’s Text Trivia 40% of People claim they look more attractive when they do this?  Wear Sunglasses