Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 6/22

1.) Toby Keith just got inducted to the songwriters Hall of fame at the age of what? 53!
2.) Kim Kardashian has announced what kind of gender her and Kanye’s new baby will be ..

3.) A new survey says the #1 fashion mistake men make…what do you think it is? (Hint Brantley Gilbert is guilty of doing this)

Wearing too many accessories? Dad Jeans? Running shoes with Jeans?

Answer: Wearing too many accessories

4.) Eric Church says  “I’m gonna tell you how I feel . . . whether you like it or not.”  Eric says he inherited his brutal honesty from who

his dad, his mom, or his grandma?  His dad

5.) ​Summer Officially started yesterday but when does Fall officially start this year end of September or Beginning of October ? End of September …Sept. 23rd


Ashley’s Text Trivia: If you’re an average American you’ll go through over 70,000 of these in your lifetime…Answer: cups of coffee