Better Beat Jackson and Ashley’s Text Trivia 6/19

1.) This Banner Flew over Tiger woods at the US Open? GO TIGER,  You Suck, or Cheater?  Answer: cheater

2.) One of the New England Patriots’ “DeflateGate” balls from this year’s Championship Game is being auctioned off, the bidding is starting at this price??
The bidding is starting at $25,000
3.) This Kind of Beer is being brewed in Austrailia?
Carrot Beer?  Mushroom Beer?  Salad Beer?  Answer: Carrot
4.)Fathers day is this weekend and a survey found out how people perceived their fathers as a kid . . .

True or False 68% thought he was smart and  16% thought he was lame.  TRUE

5.) The Top 10 Car Brands have been announced for best in Quality…all three of these are in the top 10 but which on is number 1?
Porshe? BMW? Jaguar? Answer Porshe
A new Survey asked people what skills or life lessons they learned from their dads.  76% learned stong work Ethic…but only 6% learned this….. How to play an instrument