Better Beat Jackson and Ashley’s Text Trivia

1.) Has Birthrate in the US Risen or gone down in the last couple years?  It has Risen

2.) In Japan they are selling Burger King Buns THIS color..
Red? Grey? Purple?  Red because last summer Black Colored Buns were a bit hit!
3.) Dale Earnhardt Jr. is Engaged to a girl he’s been dating since 2009? What was Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Dads name?  Dale Earnhardt
4.) Hormel is the company that makes Spam… Do they like or dislike that people call junk mail Spam?
DISLIKE – they HATE that junk email is called spam.  So no one in the company is allowed to call it that.  They’re supposed to call it “unwanted email.”
5.)A new study shows what dad wants and doesn’t want for Father’s day.  The one item that got the least love from dad was what?
Tools?  Tie?  a Gift card?   Answer: Tie- dad would rather get a Gift Card or Tools than a Tie ​
Ashley’s Text Trivia: 1 in 4 familits say there’s an argument every week over this particular chore…mowing the lawn