Better Beat Jackson and Ashley’s Text Trivia

Better Beat Jackson

1.)This year Carrie Underwood had her baby Isaiah she just revealed how he came into this world.
Did she have a C-section or the regular way?  C-Section
2.)The average person says they’ll spend this much on Father’s Day…. $116.

3.)David Letterman still needs assistants because he doesn’t know how to work a WHAT?
A Computer?  A Phone?  A Dishwasher?
4.) Jason Aldean just got re-married in March and is already talking about popping out kids with his new wife.  He has two daughters from his previous marriage… but what gender is he hoping for another girl? or boy?
5.)Are Amish people required to get Social Security numbers? Yes or No?  No they are not required​
Ashley’s Text Trivia 64% of us have done this in the Summertime?  Peed in Pool