Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia

1. This 4th of July Rascal Flatts is opening for this band?

Rolling Stones?  Zac Brown Band?  Little Big town? Answer: Rolling Stones

2.Does Carrie Underwood say being a mom is “harder than she thought” or “easier than she thought”  Answer: Easier, says her baby is a very happy calm baby

3.The fourth “Jurassic Park” movie takes place this weekend which is how many years since the first one?

15 years 19 years  22 years   Answer:22 years

4.Happy Birthday to Country Singer Chris Young…How old does he turn today:

30yrs old

5.The most common Unisex name in America is what?

Casey? Reese? or Tom?   Answer: Casey


Ashley’s Text Trivia:  The average woman has the most ____ at age 31?!  Friends