Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia

Better Beat Jackson:

Which Country star recently said.. “having a baby definitely changes your routine”

Carrie Underwood?   Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland? Miranda Lambert?   Answer: Carrie Underwood
True of False: Martha Stewart got HIGH with Snoop Dogg after Justin Biebers roast
Brantley Gilbert heads to Chicago this Saturday to join Kenny Chesney on the Big Revival Tour and Brantley Gilbert is looking forward to CHICAGO WHAT??  A Chicago Hotdog or Chicago Deep Dish pizza? Answer: Chicago Hotdog
The Average woman carries blank amount of valuables in her purse?  Looking for a dollar amount?
Kip Moore has just launched what?
A Skatepark?  A Trucker hat company?  a restaurant?  Answer: A Skatepark
Ashley’s Text Trivia: Almost 80% of couples go to bed at different times and this is the primary reason…So they can shop online.