Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia Answers

Better Beat Jackson:
There is a list of the most beautiful cities to commute in … is Madison in the top 10 – yes or no?
YES 1.) Seattle 2.) MADISON 3.) San Fran
True or false.. George Clooney who has never wanted kids now wants kids?
This country artist has their Tour Stage complete with a full bar and Video games?
Who is it?  Luke Bryan,  Brad Paisley,  Brantley Gilbert
Brad Paisley
The 2 most common things on bucket lists are going on a cruise around the world and…what?
1.) Fall in Love again(answer)  2.) Road trip the US   3.) Skydive

Formerly known as Bruce Jenner has now presented his new self as “CAITLYN”   Is Caitlyn the name of Brody Jenner’s girlfriend YES or NO???

Ashley’s Text Trivia:  1 in 20 Men  have tried to cook this on the grill….. Answer: French Fries