Better Beat Jackson 5/29/15

  1. There’s a 20 year old cheddar cheese from Hooks that is on sale now for $209 a pound. If you shredded a pound of it, how many cups of shredded cheddar would you get? Whoever is closest wins. About 4 cups.
  2. A woman in Indiana was stabbed with a fork in a fight over the last rib at a family Bar B Q. How many tines are there, usually, on a fork? 4, or 3 for a salad/dessert fork.
  3. Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch is for sale. On the topic of “ranch,” what’s the main ingredient in Ranch dressing? Buttermilk.
  4. Lady Gaga just got a dog, so now she’s launching a line of Lady Gaga puppy products. How old is a dog when its not considered a puppy any more? One year old.
  5. Today would have been President John F Kennedy’s birthday. If he were still alive, how old would he be? Whoever is closest wins. 98.